Granahan Investment Management (“GIM”) employs in-depth fundamental, bottom‑up research to invest in stocks of companies that we believe exhibit a critical combination of superior growth prospects and an attractive risk/reward profile. GIM believes that over a 3- to 5-year period, growth in business value drives stock prices, but over shorter time periods, market sentiment can have an equally vital impact. Our process considers both within a disciplined methodology in order to capture performance in rising markets and protect client capital in volatile markets.
Visits with company managements are integral to GIM’s investment process. They allow GIM to validate the business prospects and competitive position of companies of interest, as well as to identify new investment prospects. GIM believes that a sector expert is in the best position to dissect the information gathered from management meetings, so each GIM professional has at least one core area of expertise.
The experience of the investment team combined with a disciplined investment process honed over nearly 30 years results in a portfolio that can add value for our clients over the long-term.


Experience is critical to understanding the dynamic small cap sector
  •  The firm has focused exclusively on small cap investing since its inception
  •  GIM has developed one of the industry’s deepest and most seasoned small cap investment teams
  •  Average experience >25 years


GIM is dedicated exclusively to small cap equity investing
  •  Firm intentionally designed to contend with the intricacies of the small cap sector
  •  Sector experts; each professional has deep knowledge in areas of core competency
  •  Aligned interests and accountability at the point of purchase into the client portfolio

Proven Process

Sector experts utilize bottom‑up, fundamental research
  •  Separate companies from stocks, select out good businesses
  •  Disciplined approach to stock analysis
  •  Emphasis on downside risk, protection of client capital