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April 2018: PM David Rose - Opportunities in the U.S Small Cap Market

Veteran investor, David Rose, discusses his views as a growth equity investor in the small cap market, how volatility can be a friend, and the general outlook for small caps in a rising rate, potentially inflationary environment.

November 2017: GIM Small Cap strategies named top performers

Pension & Investments Magazine, using data from Morningstar, has again included GIM products in their list of top performers for the period ending September 30, 2017: 

All GIM products leverage the expertise of the GIM team and utilize in-depth bottom up research to uncover companies with strong growth potential.  Our process guides us to invest in the stocks of these well-positioned companies when risk-reward is attractive.  Vehicles available include SMA, commingled, and Funds for non-US investors.


August 2016: GIM Small Cap Discoveries

In the recent Citywire interview, “A-rated Hatton: unicorn bubble bursting will spur small-caps,” CIO Gary Hatton and CEO Jane White highlight opportunities for US small caps in the low-growth global environment.

Small Cap Discoveries
The investment team and strategy were recently highlighted in the Citywire Global article Unearthing Hidden Gems: Small Cap Star Hatton's micro machines. Gary Hatton, the portfolio manager of GIM’s Small Cap Discoveries strategy, provided some insights into how he views the US small and micro-cap market.
Portfolio Manager interview
Interview with GIM’s Small Cap Focused Growth portfolio manager conducted by HC Asset Management for their Japanese institutional clients.
Small Cap Focused Growth

Drew Beja, the portfolio manager of GIM's Small Cap Focused Growth strategy, provided some insights into the types of companies that fit his investment criteria in the Citywire Global article Boutique Manager Reveals "Desert Island" Small Cap Bets.