For investors in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Nordics, please contact:

50 Broadway, London, SW1H 0RG

Alexander Renwick - Director
T: +44 (0) 203 950 3692
M: +44 (0) 783 212 5730

Charlie Baillie, CFA - Director
T: +44 (0) 203 950 3693
M: +44 (0) 791 264 1755

For more information on Granahan Funds Plc or other investment products of Granahan Investment Management please contact:
Karen Agnew - Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing
Steve Sexeny - Senior Vice President, Business Development
Lori Azar - Marketing Associate

Granahan US Focused Growth Fund, UCITS VEHICLE:
Concentrated Portfolio of US Small Cap Secular Growth Companies

Granahan US Small Cap Discoveries Fund, UCITS VEHICLE:
Diversified Portfolio of US Micro-Cap and Emerging Growth Companies

Granahan Funds plc​

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