Environmental, Social & Governance

GIM's long-only US small cap equity strategies focus on secular and emerging growth companies, utilizing in-depth, bottom-up fundamental research and analysis. The foundation of our approach to responsible and sustainable investing is built on our core philosophy of serving our clients’ investment goals and strictly adhering to our fiduciary duty as a money manager. GIM has long considered ESG issues, particularly governance, to varying degrees in the investment decision-making process. Integrating ESG factors into the investment process is a valuable way to identify key risk and return drivers for our investments. Adherence to best practices in the ESG areas can benefit a company by minimizing its costs and liabilities and enhancing its profitability and competitive positioning.

Environmental, Social & Governance

One: ESG factors are considered along with fundamental factors as a part of the investment process.

Two: We seek to understand the material and relevant ESG issues in the companies analyzed.

Three: These results are then integrated into investment decisions where consistent with fiduciary responsibility to clients.